Leach Parakeet Domestic Bird Food


Feed the desired amount of this product according to the size of the feeder. If feeding on the ground, always provide fresh food available at all times in the desired amount. Keep feeders full at all times and clean feeders frequently. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.

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Brand Information

Since 1934, the Leach Grain & Milling Company has created a tradition of providing the best quality feed at the best price for birds and small animals. Willis Leach Sr. started his company because of his love for birds, and pigeons in particular. Prior to starting Leach Grain & Milling, Willis sought out to provide the best nutrition for his birds. He researched and found the best feed mixes and developed a vitamin formula. The bird community soon saw what great results Willis was having with his new blends of diet and nutrition. People flocked to buy his feed. (This was back in the depression when people had little money, but they cared enough for their birds to give them the very best). To keep the feed affordable and to keep his costs down, Willis would blend and sell his feed mixtures out of his father’s garage. These came to be known as: “Royal Feeds”, the name which all of their manufactured feeds are sold under today.

The Royal Feeds mixes became so popular, the Leach Grain & Milling Company grew much beyond their fathers’ small garage. Willis Sr. brought on family members to work in his new company and partnered with his two brothers, Roy and Paul. As the Leach business grew, so did the Leach family. The second generation started working in the business from very young ages, and they are still managing the business with a passion for excellence today. Additionally, the third generation is beginning to become actively involved in the business. All of the Leach family and the Leach employees believe in a common goal:

“Work hard, maintain the best quality and give the best customer service.”

Quality ingredients are what make Royal Feeds the feed that customers request. All of the Leach Grain and Milling suppliers understand that Leach will only utilize the finest of grains and seeds and they know that Leach has strict quality control. This quality, along with a meticulously clean manufacturing process and their propriety blends and formulas, sets Leach Grain & Milling apart as a trusted manufacture of quality feeds for the: hobbyist, breeders, zoos and professionals in the field. Customers of Leach are loyal to Royal Feeds because they realize that for the same or less cost, they will receive consistent high quality every time they purchase and use any of the Leach Grain & Milling products.


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