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ok feed dog food

Acana Singles Pork & Squash Freeze-dried Dog Treat


Loaded with goodness and full of natural flavor, Acana Prok & Squash Treats to reward your dog according to his evolutionary needs while limiting his exposure to a single animal protein. Ethically raised of Kentucky farms, our Yorkshire pork is perfectly complemented with locally grown butternut squash and sarsaparilla root – all delivered fresh or raw and gently freeze-dried into a richly nourishing and deeply satisfying treat.

ok feed dog food

Nulo Freestyle Grain-free Beef Recipe with Apples Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food


Inside your best friend lives the ultimate canine athlete. While our dogs are now domesticated, their innate primal nature is still that of a carnivore, craving the right balance of whole prey to fuel their everyday adventures. Nulo FreeStyle Freeze-Dried Raw provides convenient, complete & balanced nutrition with the highest quality sourced ingredients from the most trusted suppliers.

ok feed dog food

Open Farm Harvest Chicken Recipe Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food


Easy to serve and hard to resist. This high protein topper or complete meal is packed with humanely raised raw antibiotic-free chicken. For added nutrition, we include functional ingredients like locally sourced leafy greens, squash and pumpkin seeds, superfoods like coconut oil, and antioxidants like blueberries.

ok feed dog food

Orijen Original Freeze-dried Dog Treat


Delivered raw, our locally farmed chicken and turkey are complemented with wild and sustainably-caught monkfish from cold New England waters. Delicious and nutritious, Orijen Original treats are gently freeze-dried to preserve their life-giving nutrients and are loaded with a natural taste and aroma your dog will love.

ok feed dog food

Primal Beef Formula Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food


Primal Pet Foods was founded with the goal of providing pets with a high quality of life through the use of wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild. With the use of highly-digestible food products, Primal Pet Foods offers the nutrients essential to life in a superior, bio-available composition. Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are nutritionally complete raw diets that are to be fed as a full-time, ongoing feeding program.