– OK Feed and Supply has announced that they will launch ecommerce in early 2020 to compete with major online retailers and plans to deliver pet food and supplies to Tucson and surrounding areas with their own fleet of delivery vehicles. OK Feed has been on the northeast corner of Fort Lowell and Dodge for nearly a century, and you may recognize them as the store with the horse on the roof. What was once a simple feed store located in vast farm and ranch land since 1936 has evolved along with the changing demographics surrounding the store, and OK Feed is now known as one of the premier premium pet food stores in southern Arizona. While the front of the store still boasts the original doors and porch from decades ago, the company has vowed to continue to change with the times and is determined to be not only the top independent and locally owned brick and mortar pet food store, but is also determined to compete with Internet giants and Amazon. “We have to evolve, ecommerce in the pet industry is exploding,” says owner and General Manager, Will Feurstock. “We plan to deliver quality products at competitive prices faster and more efficiently than Chewy. Plus, we are locally owned and operated, which is important to Tucson shoppers”.

OK Feed plans to launch the new ecommerce site in January under the domain: and will offer free delivery as a promotion for its launch. “It will be a game changer for Tucson,” Will says, “The entire team is super ecstatic about the launch, and it will provide Tucson with not only the convenience of online shopping that they are getting from the “Giants” but the service of a local company with extremely knowledgeable and dedicated employees. We will deliver in stock merchandise very fast.” plans on adding thousands of products in the 1st half of 2020. They will also feature a direct chat option which will allow customers to request the products they want for their pets if not available on the website. OK Feed will continue to service their customers and looks forward to an influx of new customers coming into the brick and mortar store. “We know people may want to check us out before they order online. We encourage that!” says Mr. Feurstock. “We love Tucson. We appreciate our thousands of customers and look forward to the thousands of customers we will service with our delivery service. It will be a great adventure, a whole new business for us. Come along on the ride and experience the difference of shopping OK FEED!”.